So here’s the thing

So I’m going to Palestine, right? Okay, well we all know things cost much less out there. So I’m planning on taking full advantage of that and having some dresses made. I want some thing cute and young looking. Not fluffy-I’m-going-to-prom young, but you know, hip young. Maybe something a bit fitted. Maybe something in a print. So searching and searching for inspiration I came across these:

Apparently I have a hidden desire to be a 50+ black woman.
So for Miss Oprah’s dress, I found this fabric that I totally love. I also bought the matching ribbon in the ivory and aqua. I just need the plain brown now. Oh and did I mention this fabric was only $2 a yard. Yup.


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  • amena says:

    Skimming through your blog and Jennah says " skinny girls" when we came across these pics.

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