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Mosque Portraits

mosque/masjid portraits craft

Prior to and during the course of Ramadan, I have been engaging the girls in some crafts to help them take on qualities that embody the spirit of Ramadan. This particular craft was simply to get them out of my hair for a while so that I could make dinner.  True story. Supplies: Thin cardboard, thick card stock, or another sturdy base for the project. Paints Patterned paper Stickers, markers, scissors, glue – you know, craft stuff Pictures of mosques to give a general idea of shapes and designs Directions: 1.  Tell the kids to create a mosque.  Ready, set, go.  That’s it.   I told you, I had things to do.  They’re smart kids, they could figure it out. … Continue reading

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Crafty Prayer Mats

prayer mats/rugs pin

Every Muslim knows the importance of prayer.  The reward for increased prayer during Ramadan draws in the adults without problem.  But what about the kids?  I wanted my girls to really get excited about adding prayers with me, instead of hearing “we’re going to pray again?!” Inspired by a craft a friend had created and posted last year during Ramadan,  I decided to create little decorative prayer mats with my daughters.  I didn’t intend for the girls to use them to pray on.  Rather it was just a little wall hanging to remind them that increased prayer will be a part of our daily schedule during Ramadan (and beyond?). While we were crafting away, I asked the girls what they … Continue reading

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Decoupage Jar

decoupage charity jar

When you’re a {young} child, Ramadan and Eid are about the lights, and gifts, and cash, and sweets, and paaaaaaaaaaaaarties!!!  Right? Only if that’s what we make it out to be. Oh no, I’m still the same Amnah that loves lights, gifts, cash, sweets, and paaaaaarties. But I’m about balance as well. Along with fun, materialistic traditions (which we will eventually ween off of), I want my daughter’s to have a desire to serve and share with their community and those who have less.  When Ramadan comes along, I hope that they will first raise their hands in prayer for the success of others before they put in their requests for new clothes and shiny gadgets.  As Eid creeps closer, … Continue reading

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Ramadan Moon Sighting Telescope

Ramadan Moon Sighting Telescope

As a little girl, I used to search the night sky trying to find the Ramadan moon.  It was such a magical concept, to view the moon that would signal the start of the holiest month for all the Muslims across the world.  Moon sighting is a tradition that I have longed to start with my children.  This year I was determined to start. To prepare the girls and to get them excited about the event, I suggested we make telescopes to help spot the moon.  Of course, the girls were all in. Supplies: Paper towel rolls, wrapping paper dowels, or toilet paper rolls Paper, stickers, markers – anything you with to decorate with Ribbon or yarn Instructions: Have your … Continue reading

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Decorative Tile Drawing Craft

Tile Drawing

 I was asked to organize the crafts for the Eid party that J’s school held back in September.  I needed to come up with a couple of crafts that would entertain 150+ children.  I wanted to present something that was affordable and would be a project worth keeping for the kids.  I decided to borrow an idea I had seen at a kid’s festival which was simply a tile drawing. The tile drawing was a hit at J’s 4th birthday, so I was confident it would be a good project for the kids at school.  Every tile would be as unique as each child.  With the addition of a ribbon glued to the back, it would be something they could proudly display in … Continue reading

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