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Housewarming Gift in a Jar

housewarming gift jar 2

- Welcome Pinners, glad to have you here! Hope you benefit from this post! – Moving sucks.  Don’t get me wrong, a new place and a fresh start are great.  But it’s the packing and unpacking, transporting, furniture getting damaged, fragile items breaking, and things getting lost that are annoying.  Am I right? A dear friend of mine recently moved a couple of weeks ago.  But wait, she just moved into this new place a few months ago.  There’s more, she’s moving again after four months.  Why all the moves?  Their current apartment needed to be renovated so management had to ask them to leave temporarily.   I hope the postal service doesn’t think all their mail forwarding requests are pranks. … Continue reading

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End of the Year Student Gifts

End of the year student gift

Waaaay back in December, my daughter’s school was holding a read-a-thon. Hours and hours of reading were logged by the students throughout the school.  I wanted to create a little gift for the kindergartners to celebrate the end of the month.  My idea was to make tote bags to be used for trips to the library.  Nine months pregnant, this project fulfilled my desire to help pass the time.  I got right to work. I plopped myself down on the couch next to my husband who was zoned out watching storage auction shows. Using fabric that I already had, I began cutting out the main body and strap pieces. Fourteen bags total.  All the fabric was ready to go.  So was … Continue reading

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Teacher’s Gift: Thumbprint Tree

thumbprint tree supplies and outline

The end of the school year was fast approaching, quicker than I had anticipated.  While I knew exactly what I wanted to give the students as an end of the year gift, I was at a complete loss for the teacher’s gift.  Pinterest was filled with ideas, but nothing really clicked with me.  Plus with the popularity of Pinterest,  I didn’t want to show up with a repeat gift.  There are no gift receipts for handmade presents! I debated back and forth between a sentimental gift or something that could be used and enjoyed once.  Being the big softie that I am, I went with the former.  Now that I decided on that, I was still stuck.  My brain was fried … Continue reading

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