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8th Anniversary


Eight years today. I married him. But I hardly knew him. I thought I did. But I was wrong. It took me a while to figure him out. But once I did… It’s been smooth sailing from there. I’ve grown considerably since the first day of my marriage. I started out as a hot-headed, I’m-always-right, must-have-the-last-word newlywed. Eight years later, I’m still always right. I just don’t voice it every single time now. We started out quite differently and still aren’t always on the same page. Coming from two different backgrounds, sometimes we aren’t even in the same book. In the beginning, I resented it. Now I embrace it and make it work. Or at least I try really, really … Continue reading

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Love, Renewed


I gasped as we sped down the street, quickly passing an upside down Eames style chair. “What’s wrong?” my husband wondered. “I want that chair!” I replied. “It’ll just end up in the garage or the side of the house.” I smiled because my husband knew me too well. In those quick seconds I saw a cozy new chair for my new craft space. A seat of my own for my special corner of the house. Maybe I’d paint it turquoise or yellow. It would need a cute pillow for sure.  Rami saw crap on the side of the road.  So we kept on driving as I watched it disappear in the side rear view mirror. This morning Rami took … Continue reading

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Read To Me

Colours of My Life Photo Challenge Day 29 – A picture that always makes you smile.  Maysoon “reading” to Rami. I love seeing the girls reading with their father.

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Colours of My Life  Photo Challenge Day 14 – A picture of someone you could never imagine your life without. My hubby, of course. Long before we had our girls, it was just me and you. After they finish college and get married, it will still just be me and you. And a kitten.  Can we get a kitten then?  August 2007 – Dome of the Rock – Palestine 

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Happy birthday, my love. You’re an excellent father and a wonderful husband. I love you more than you have black Ts.  Enjoy your last year in your twenties!

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Yosemite, Tahoe, Reno… Oh my! Part 3

Finally… Reno. I didn’t forget. I’ve been to Reno before. I’ve been there plenty of times. This time was different. This time had a story. When Rami first came to America back in 2000 he first came to Reno. He attended the University of Reno for the first six months. He lived in a nice little apartment paying only $450 a month. At night he strolled the streets as a security guard. He knew the best buffet (the one in the El Dorado casino). He loved his time in Reno but he was also very lonely. Being 18 and all alone in a strange country is not easy. Unfortunately being an international student is crazy expensive so once the semester … Continue reading

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Lost in translation

The other day I sent Rami a text asking him to bring home some milk and eggs. He replied “on my head.” I immediately started laughing. He wasn’t trying to say he’d bring home milk and eggs on his head, but instead that he’d do anything I ask of him. When someone tells you ” ‘ala raasi” in Arabic it means well, that they’d do anything for you. ‘Ala rassi literally translates to “on my head.” I started to think of other Arabic sayings that sounded funny when translated literaly. “Hamatik bit hibbik.” = Your mother in law loves you. Said when you visit someones house while food is just being served. “Il kird be ‘ain imma ghazal.” = The … Continue reading

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Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to the two fathers in my life: Baba and Rami. Pictures taking a cue from here.

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Daddy’s little girl

“Honk, honk!” Sweet lil’ baby kisses

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