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Trendy and Ready For Fall with #CartersFallStyle + Giveaway!

Baby Boy Mr Macho Carters Fall Style

Fall is my absolute favorite season! I love everything about it from the crisp weather to the bright colored foliage. I was thrilled to review Carter’s new fall line, available now in stores! Everything in the store is 40% off too! They have the best sales! Hurry, sale ends August 5. It was easy to scoop up an armful of great pieces including the cutest pajamas ever. We can all agree that Carter’s has the cutest pajamas, right? Right! This fall, Carter’s is all about mixing patterns. Camo, vintage florals, tomboy chic, and plaids are all hot right now. During my trip to my local Carter’s, I picked up a little of each! My oldest is crazy about camo ever … Continue reading

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Review and Giveaway: Sweet Pillar & Co.

Sweet Pillar & Co. Eid Mamool

Every year as Ramadan draws to an end and Eid is around the corner,  my mom rolls up her sleeves and begins preparations for her traditional Palestinian Eid cookies, Ma’mool.  It pretty much doesn’t feel like Eid unless there are mountains and mountains of powder sugar dusted ma’mool. It’s quite some work. There’s getting the recipe correct, which in and of itself is quite a challenge if you are new to the ma’mool making scene, such as myself. Of course my mom has it down. I’m pretty sure she can make it with her eyes closed.  Getting the right ratios of ingredients is key.  Of course a true authentic recipe doesn’t have exact measurements. It’s typically one tea cup of … Continue reading

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Review and Giveaway: Silver Envelope

Silver Envelope Big Top Circus Eid

I remember a few years ago, Ramadan and Eid decorations and paper goods were pretty much impossible to find.  These days there are numerous choices that suit everyone’s styles and needs.  And we all get to reap the benefits of beautifully decorated homes, adorable adorned baked goods, and festive Eid party decorations. Silver Envelope is one of those awesome companies doing us all a favor. Their products cover just about every aspect of celebrating Ramadan and Eid you would need. Cards, check. Cupcake wrappers, check. Buntings, balloons, party favors, gift wrap…check, check, check, check! And then some! I recently received pretty much the most amazing set of Ramadan decorations ever! Silver Envelope sent me their Zellij Ramadan-in-a-box set and I … Continue reading

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Review and Giveaway: Simply Impressions Islamic Decals

Supplies and application.

This post is totally overdue.  Like way past overdue.  Like ridiculous library fine overdue. I received my Simply Impressions decal back in December.  No, not of 2012.  December 2011.  I’ll just give you a minute to recover from the ridiculousness of my lateness.  But I have a really good reason. I received them a couple days before I gave birth to Baby Z!  I was so dedicated to reviewing the product and putting them to use, that I was in Micheal’s, while in labor (!), picking out a frame for the idea I had. Well, I had Zaynab, forgot what two solid hours of sleep felt like, and barely made it out on the other side of the 6 month … Continue reading

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Review and Giveaway: Up A Notch Gifts

bismillah cutting board

There’s something about personalization that makes an item more, well, personal. My kids tend to take better care of their items that feature their name.  It’s almost as if they act like it’s a piece of them.  It’s impossible to come by my daughter’s names on items in stores or theme parks that feature their names.  Even while visiting Malaysia where they had popular Muslim names, I couldn’t find anything with their name on it. Up a Notch  has expanded their custom candy wrappers line to now include personalized gifts. There is a variety of items available for a variety of different occasions.  You can now personalize name plaques and signs, lunch boxes or backpacks, or mugs and pillows… and so much … Continue reading

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Review and Giveaway: In My Studio

in my art studio islamic art print 3

    I love, love, love Muslim women entrepreneurs.  Whenever a Muslim owned company contacts me for a review, I’m typically up for it.  I tend to feature only companies or products that I personally love for myself.  “None of you truly believe until you wish for others what you wish for yourself.”  Right? In her own words, Iva Izman of In My Studio, is a mother of two with a passion for design.  She’s an artist and graphic designer by passion, an interior designer by profession.  Her style is very clean and modern.  Nothing stuffy or cutesy.  Looking over her beautiful blog, it’s obvious to see her passion for design come through.  You have to check out her home … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Apple Tree

the apple tree book

My daughters love to visit the library.  I give them free reign over the plastic covered hardcovers and paper backs and let them fill our library bag -  and their arms – to their heart’s content.  We leave with plenty of fairy tales, chapter books, cookbooks, kids craft books, and picture books every time.  We read and reread every last book up until – and past – the library due dates.  My goal for them is to check out every single children’s book at least once. We’re well on our way. Of all the books they’ve read, nothing compares to one that they can truly relate to.  One that speaks to them and brings Mama’s daily sayings and teachings to … Continue reading

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Review: Up A Notch

up a notch custom candy wrappers

With Jenin in school, me involved with PTO and Girl Scouts, and general happenings in life, there always seems to be an occasion to celebrate. From Eid, the first day of school, and birthdays to baby showers, teacher appreciation brunches, Girl Scout cookie sale rewards and everything in between. There is really no limit to life’s daily moments that can be commemorated with something special. Now, you can always just give out little treats and call it a day. But why not customize them and take it Up A Notch? (See what I did there?) Seriously though, customized items make all the difference. It becomes a sweet gesture that’s thought out, cute, and memorable all at the same time. Hands … Continue reading

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