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Weekend Breakfast: Apple Pie Waffles

Apple Pie Waffles

Here’s the thing; I love food.  I’m not going to lie, I can pack away a meal like 350 pound defensive back in the NFL.  Is that what they’re called? Defensive backs? Football isn’t my forte, food is. I digress.  I get cravings all the time.  You’d think I was pregnant all year.  Maybe it’s because I realized the power of a craving during pregnancy that I now hold on to that special power.  Just another mom super power: I crave, I eat, peace on Earth in our house is restored. One morning while making our newest favorite waffles, I wanted a new topping.  I’ve done toasted coconut and almonds, sliced bananas and walnuts, strawberries and chocolate chips.  I even … Continue reading

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Weekend Breakfast: Crepes

crepes 2

To me, crepes are synonymous with my oldest sister.  When she was still living in California, she’d whip up her awesome crepe breakfasts.  Sisters, cousins, sisters-in-law, moms, we’d all gather around the table with a warm platter of crepes in the center of the table.  Steaming mugs of coffee, good conversations, lots of laughter, you know, moments so sentimental that when you type them out they sound corny. Whenever she’s back in town or I’m visiting her in Palestine, I request her crepe breakfasts.  We linger, overeat, and bask in each others company.  Aw, I miss my sis. Unlike her top secret, highly coveted carrot cake recipe, she gladly passed along the crepe recipe she uses. They’re a cinch to … Continue reading

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Weekend Breakfast: Buttermilk Waffles

Buttermilk Waffles

I have my go-to waffle recipe that I have pretty much memorized by now.  It’s quick and simple and I always have the items on hand.  My family are also big fans of  buttermilk pancakes.  They’re J’s favorite so I always have buttermilk in the fridge.  A person can only handle so many pancakes so I end up with extra buttermilk all the time.  Not wanting to waste it, I hit up Pinterest to see which buttermilk recipes were hot at the moment.  I took a test bite of the first waffle then pretty much ran into my room yelling at  my husband “hurry up and wake up! I made new waffles and they’re hella good.  Hurry!”  Seriously.  I’m kind … Continue reading

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Weekend Breakfast – Nut Crusted French Toast

nut crusted french toast

Oprah may be gone, from day time TV anyways, but this nut-crusted French toast recipe from her site will forever live on. French toast is hands down my favorite thing for breakfast.  I’m open to all sorts of variations.  Funny story:  While visiting Jordan for the very first time in 2004, I requested French toast.  The waiter looked at me funny so I attempted to explain in my broken Arabic.  “You know, the bread that has the eggs on it? The kind you eat with syrup.” Finally the light bulb went on and he nodded that he understood. Off he went as I patiently sat and awaited Jordanian style French toast.  My appetite grew and grew with every moment as … Continue reading

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Weekend Breakfast: Easy Waffles

While the title may say Weekend Breakfast, these waffles are actually easy enough to make during your weekday mornings and I have many times.  The batter comes together quickly and I have consistent results each time I make them.  Rami prefers his crispy so I cook them longer, while I like mine soft so I take them out early.  If there is any leftover batter, I make the waffles and store them in the fridge in an airtight container.  They reheat nicely in the toaster oven the next morning.  I’m a pour-syrup-on-the-side-and-dip kinda gal.  What about you?  I love this recipe so much that I think I’ve made them over 10-15 times in the past two months.  Seriously, … Continue reading

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Weekend Breakfast: Stuffed French Toast

The best breakfasts are served on the weekend.  No school. No rushing. No appointments. No worries. Prepare this recipe suitable to your tastes and quantity needed. Stuffed French Toast Eggs Milk Cinnamon Vanilla extract Brown sugar (not pictured) French toast bread or “Texas Toast” (apparently everything is bigger in Texas) Cream cheese, softened Sliced strawberries and bananas (or any other fruit you fancy)   Spread a little (or a lot) or cream cheese on one side of each slice of bread.  Place sliced fruit on top of cream cheese.  Close, strawberries on top of bananas, and press down to flatten just a bit. Dredge in the egg mixture on all sides of the bread and grill as usual. I always sprinkle … Continue reading

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