The Story of Jenin

Today, my oldest daughter turns 6. Where – someone please tell me where – does the time go? It seems like just yesterday I was that overwhelmed and confused new mom. Wait.. Ummm… Let’s move on, shall we?

The following was my parent letter that I submitted while she was star student for the week.


There once was a girl named Jenin,

Who had the most beautiful eyes I’ve seen.

Nicknames like J, Juju, and Lily,

This special girl can be quite silly.

Favorite foods of pizza, spaghetti, and maftool,

She thinks science experiments are super duper cool!

There once was a girl named Jenin,

With a cute little room she rarely keeps clean.

Jumping rope, painting pictures, and nature walks,

She loves to be active, while not wearing her socks!

She’s been to Washington, Jordan, and Palestine,

Oh, how I love this sweet girl of mine!

There once was a girl named Jenin,

Her favorite colors purple, blue, and sometimes green.

She entered this world on the 8th of November,

My first baby girl! A day I’ll always remember.

Helping me cook, bake, and with Baby Z,

This fantastic girl is so helpful to me!

There once was a girl named Jenin,

Who has the most wonderful smile I’ve seen.

As a Girl Scout, she’s my little Daisy.

With a personality that’s vibrant, unique, and a bit cRaZy!

Hair thick and black, eyes big and brown.

My sweet daughter is the funniest in town!

There once was a girl named Jenin,

She loves to wear dresses fit for a queen.

Fluent in Arabic and a sister of two.

Do you know she’s my number one? It’s true!

One day she’ll learn to sew, swim, and ride on two wheels.

Today I dedicate this poem to show how I feel.

There once was a girl named Jenin,

May Allah, the Most Merciful, always protect her. Ameen!

Happy birthday, Jenin. I love you more than I can ever put into words. I’m grateful for all the things you’ve taught me about motherhood, patience, and seizing the day.


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