Two week recap

Being sick sucks.  The whole family being sick at different times and having to deal with it at all times sucks.  It amazes me how much a household relies on the mother/wife/lady of the house aka ME.  I have a mountain of laundry.  I’m hoping to scale that mountain later on today.  I haven’t cooked dinner in…2 weeks??? Wait, that can’t be right. What have we been eating? Have we eaten?  It’s been a long 2 weeks out here.  Granted half the time we were at my parents house, but still. 

It started with Jenin. Passed to me and Rami. Then poor little Maysoon got it.  We’re 95% back to normal.  It wasn’t H1N1. Just a nasty stomach bug.

So Eid Al-Adha came and went while I was still out of it a bit.  I feel bad because I didn’t get to decorate the house or do anything really special for the girls. Jenin kept asking me afterward when we were going to put up some lights. I’ll have to make it up to her next year in a big way. If it wasn’t for my little sister bringing them outfits from Palestine, they wouldn’t have had anything new to wear for the Eid.  I didn’t even make any cookies or anything.  Not a good Eid at all. The only good part was that it was Black Friday so I scored some good deals on their gifts. 

This is the only decent family picture we have from the day.  I didn’t have the energy or patience to deal with Jenin to do a retake.  I don’t even have a single good picture of Jenin.  It was definitely one of those days for her.
Maysoon on the other hand was all smiles.  Speaking of smiles… can you see them?  Click the picture and look closer.
Still can’t see what I’m talking about?
(Yes, I know her headband is too big)
Teeth!!! Our little monster got two new teeth, Mashallah!  Jenin got her first teeth when she was over a year old.  Maysoon is definitely the record breaker in our house. She’s also started to stand on her own, granted it’s only for a few seconds at a time.
Just before I got sick I made a couple of crafts that I’ll get to later on tonight.  I have to go make dinner!  Finally!   Here’s a teaser though:
Can you guess what I’ve made?

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  • redhum says:

    Look like laptop bags?

    Anyway, Inshallah you'll all be better soon. Maysoon always makes my heart smile whenever I see a pic of her.

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