Weekend Breakfast: Stuffed French Toast

The best breakfasts are served on the weekend.  No school. No rushing. No appointments. No worries.

Prepare this recipe suitable to your tastes and quantity needed.

Stuffed French Toast

Vanilla extract
Brown sugar (not pictured)
French toast bread or “Texas Toast” (apparently everything is bigger in Texas)
Cream cheese, softened
Sliced strawberries and bananas (or any other fruit you fancy)


Spread a little (or a lot) or cream cheese on one side of each slice of bread.  Place sliced fruit on top of cream cheese.  Close, strawberries on top of bananas, and press down to flatten just a bit.

Dredge in the egg mixture on all sides of the bread and grill as usual. I always sprinkle on extra cinnamon because I’m slightly obsessed with cinnamon.

Flip. I tried to grill these at a lower temp so that they would be heated all the way through.  This was my first time making stuffed French toast, so I haven’t decided if I know exactly what I’m doing yet.

Slice in half, dust with powdered sugar (because I’m slightly obsessed with powdered sugar), and additional strawberries. Or not. It’s your breakfast.


Next time I won’t use bananas because I’ve realized that I do not like warm bananas.  Trial and error, ya’ll.

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  • April @ HomeHinges.com says:

    That looks so amazingly delicious. Breakfast food is my favorite. I'm happy to eat it any time of the day, breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I'm just sad I can't have a taste right now. Great pictures too. They really make it look beautiful.

  • Love and Sugar says:

    ohhh yummmmmmmy that looks so goood mashaAllah im so hungry 🙁

  • April says:

    These look delectable!

  • emily says:

    oh my goodness! these look AHHHHMAZING!

    i am for sure going to try these!

  • Noelle says:

    Ooh I have always wanted to make stuffed french toast! Really.. any recipe I can add cream cheese to is right up my alley. (P.S. I love your humor.. I'm going to look around your blog now, if you don't mind.)

  • Amy Henderson says:

    mmmm this looks like a perfect breakfast!

  • Debmom4ca says:

    That looks really good. I will have to try that soon. I wonder if putting a lid over the french toast would help heat it all the way through?

  • gédane says:

    i'm french and it's very delicious
    it's a "pain perdu"

  • janimal says:

    This looks soooo delicious.

  • Em Maliks Kitchen says:

    mmmmmmmmm this looks sooo good!! and yeah im with u on the warm bananas. actually i cant stand bananas in other than their regular freshly unpeeled and cold form.

  • asma says:

    I forget how I cam across your blog, but I love it! Mash'Allah!!

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