Why I Write

I don’t consider myself a writer. At first, I couldn’t understand why Saira of Confessions of a Muslim Mommaholic even asked me to take part of a “writers chain letter”.  However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I’ve always loved writing. Recently while browsing through the things I’ve saved since I was a young girl, I’ve found that most of the items I’ve held onto are things I’ve written; Essays, letters to cousins, stories written as a child.

In school, I never viewed writing as something to do for the sake of completing an assignment. It was a chance for me to express myself and release some creativity. Over time on this blog, I’ve come to use writing as a way to cope with traumatic experiences, share empowering choices I’ve made, or just dish out my take on a favorite childhood story.

why I write

What am I working on?

Consistency.  The only thing I’m consistent at, is being inconsistent. I think about the dozens upon dozens of missed posts that I had full intention of writing and sharing that never came to fruition. If I had merely written one post a week, just one, this site would be exactly where I wished it to be. Rather, it collects dust every now and then. When I go through the archives of this site, I see how active this blog once was. How well accepted the posts used to be. How much joy I used to have from releasing the words and ideas with you all.

Over the next few months, I’ll be working to revive this blog. I will be working on sharing more of my real day to day moments. For too long I have kept certain things to myself because I was worried about people’s reactions to my words. Yet, I find when I’m most honest with my feelings and experiences in my writing, more of you can relate.

How does my work differ from others in it’s genre?

I want to say it doesn’t. I read other Muslim mom blogs posts and find myself wondering if I wrote the post myself. Even with non-Muslim mom blogs, I find myself relating. We all share our experiences of raising these kiddos to be law abiding citizens, healthy eaters, creative little artists, kind to others, etc. But my story is different. My life is different. My circumstances are different. My experiences behind closed doors are different. With all that in consideration, my words will most certainly differ.

When it comes to my work over at DisneyBaby, I am the single Muslim Mom voice on the site. It’s an incredible feeling to be able to be myself, staying true to my background and religion while reaching such a large audience. Readers that probably would have never read anything here on my own personal blog. I like to see my work there as a way of breaking down misconceptions of Muslim women. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t appreciate having a voice there.


How does your writing process work?

Hands down the hardest line for me to write, is always the first. Every. single. time.  In fact, for this post, I completely skipped it because it had me so stumped. I type, delete, type, delete, type, type, read, re-read, delete, over and over again until just the right set of words appear on the screen and allow the rest of the words to flow.

A lot of my best writing comes from my best thinking. Those times that I can actually hear my thoughts above my children’s bickering. I’m just reminded by my daughter’s presence next to me now, that I cannot type when others are watching or reading as I type. I just can’t. It’s incredibly distracting to me.  So much so that I forgot what I wanted to write before she appeared next to me. When I write, it is almost always at night after everyone is in bed and I have what’s left of my sane mind to spill out all that I’ve held inside.

Those nights where sleep wins out over writing, my mind still keeps “writing” out posts as I lay in bed. Sometimes the urge to put the words down are so strong that I type out full posts into my iPhone’s notepad as fast as my two little thumbs can manage in the darkness of my room with the screen lighting up my face.  One of those posts includes my announcement about becoming a contributing blogger for DisneyBaby.com.

Unfortunately, other times the words just slip away from me because my mama duties trump every word I want to put out there. I’m convinced that what would have been one of the greatest posts I ever wrote, slipped away from me because I couldn’t break away from folding laundry, potty training, and dishing out meals.

From here on out I hope to spill out more and more words, be it through motherhood rants, craft tutorials, or recipe instructions. You know, at least once a week… {fingers crossed}


Stay tuned from these great writers to hear why they write too.


Profile oneHiba Masood is a stay at home mom to three kids, living in Dubai. She writes under the Drama Mama name about things like marriage, parenting and life in order to escape from them. Find her at www.facebook.com/etdramamama.


Faaiza Osman is mum to a bright little boy and baby girl. She lives in Australia and spends her days as a stay at home mum who loves to cook, bake and create. A qualified accountant and teacher, she now uses her knowledge to develop crafts and activities for her toddler which she shares on her blog along side recipes and other mummy stuff. You can see more into her life on Instagram or Facebook and when she’s not spending time with her family (or doing the laundry for the umpteenth time) you can find her blogging at Modest Munchies.


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